Make your city better by using Sila service. Cozy courtyard and playground — for children! Make your courtyard’s accomplishment on www.sila.centr Just add basketball court or bike path or playground or new benches via www.Sila.centr right out of your home. Offer your ideas how to improve Khabarovsk city and make it more convenient. Vote for good ones and we’ll Implement them. Offer your help in implementing the initiative you like. Let children play at playground, not in the dump!

August 2017

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To get to know us, just call or write. If convenient, write to Whatsapp +7 924 222 07 07 or Telegram +7 924 222 07 07. We respond within a day.

Russia, 680030, Khabarovsk, 27 Gogolya st, 6th floor