In order to run the project in time, with full functionality and no headaches, we adhere to the five principles of responsible developers.

Obsessed with our business

Development is our passion. Code, interfaces, design, databases — this is all we are working with every day. We monitor the technologies and trends, keeping the course for the best solutions, constantly learning and growing.

Our competencies:

  • Programming languages and frameworks: Java, C++, C#, Qt, PHP, Ruby, JavaScript, Objective-C, Swing, Spring (Core, Data, Cloud, Social), AngularJS
  • Databases: MySQL, MS SQL, PostgreSQL, Oracle
  • Development technologies: Agile, TMS, Jira
  • Code management: GIT

Only the strongest get into our team

We employ 32 people, each of them is an expert in his craft. Programmers take awards in olympiads and contests, projects get to lists of the best, and the most original solutions are patented. The cool team is both an occasion for pride, and a way to keep the bar high.

We develop and launch projects with agile methods.

The inflated deadlines harm business: the budget grows, competitors start earlier and take away customers. Therefore, we work with flexible methods. To start projects quickly, we divide them into short iterations — from important to secondary. You are controling every step: making adjustments and prioritize. The iteration result is a useful product. You also pay in stages.

E.g.: we do not do a web system for six months, but we run the first version quickly and with the optimal budget for you. We test on real users, then make adjustments and develop to the full content. Thanks to this, you save time and money at the start, and you start earning profits already on start-up.

Each project has its own working group

At least 5 people work at the project: a product manager, two designers and two developers. They all become part of your team. If someone is getting sick or lost his touch, we do a reshuffle. Thanks to this, we launch the project in time and in full, and our employees do not burn out. Interchangeability and competence is our credo.

We’re opened, like a book with a good ending

We are friendly and always in touch. Once a week or two we show intermediate stages, so the team will be like your own, and the result is predictable. All reporting, prototypes and sketches are stored in the cloud and you can always see the progress or boast of the result to colleagues. If there is a problem we’ll inform you immediately and offer a solution. Thanks to this no unpleasant surprises — the project will not interfere.

The address and telephone number

To get to know us, just call or write. If convenient, write to Whatsapp +7 924 222 07 07 or Telegram +7 924 222 07 07. We respond within a day.

Russia, 680030, Khabarovsk, 27 Gogolya st, 6th floor