We are developing software since 2013

We come up with special solutions

We create understandable applications, web services and systems. We develop portal solutions and applications that improve people’s quality of life. For example, send an appeal or initiative to the government, make an appointment with doctors online, pay through the web service services of schools and sports clubs. 6 projects

7 times more useful

Our clients are business and state-owned companies with a complex internal structure. We can help you if you need a corporate system with electronic workflow, payment service, processing of large databases or automation of business processes. 37 services

We are exploring and developing together

Work closely with customers: we delve into specifics and problems, we carefully study the business and its environment, we constantly keep in touch. Thanks to this, our projects completely solve the tasks of customers. We continue to be friends with many clients after the launch of the project and help develop it, while others ask «to do the same».

Know how to quickly implement

Our team is in one city. Therefore, we work quickly and smoothly: there is no cases of «did not notice the letter» and «was online two days ago». If you need to fix the code or draw an application screen, the developer and designer will start to work quickly.


During 4 years of collaboration, we’ve launched 39 interesting projects. The average development time of each project is 3 months.

July 2017
Document creation
Tasks: execute resolution
Contacts: legal entities

Electronic workflow system

The White Soft’s team has developed large-scale Electronic workflow system

What’s done

Links between the Registration Cards, accounting for changes, attribution to the file, Electronic signature, Verification of duplication, Auto registration, Production calendar, Reserve of registration numbers, Accounting of paper documents, Execution documents, Telephone appeals, Changing of the document type

The whole project
January 2014

Mobile applications development

The White Soft’s team has developed mobile applications for state, business and people for last two years.

What’s done

  • Far Eastern Energy Company (http://www.dvec.ru)
  • Viveya http://viveya.medkhv.ru
  • Golos
  • Gi-Shi

Customers from Russia, Japan and the USA rely on The White Soft’s team. We help business, government and social projects

August 2017


Make your city better by using Sila service. Cozy courtyard and playground — for children! Make your courtyard’s accomplishment on www.sila.centr Just add basketball court or bike path or playground or new benches via www.Sila.centr right out of your home. Offer your ideas how to improve Khabarovsk city and make it more convenient. Vote for good ones and we’ll Implement them. Offer your help in implementing the initiative you like. Let children play at playground, not in the dump!

What’s done

Civil enhancement contest platform.

June 2016


Golos — is really functioning appeals submission tool. You can make an assessment of roads, housing and utilities, mayor or transport accessibility using mobile application or web version right out of your home

  • fast appeal to the authorities.
  • Instant assessment of the work of officials.
  • Use Golos service to improve your life!

What’s done

Voting service

The whole project
January 2014


Technological and modern portals and sites development

Figures about us:

  • Over 121 sites are using our platform.
  • Over 10 000 visitors daily.
  • Over 5 regions rely on The White Soft’s team.
August 2017


You can find and pay through the on-line payment system «bi»:

  • doctor’s appointment
  • child’s club
  • indoor football
  • theater

What’s done

Payment gateway

How do we work

Any development project begins with a discussion of your ideas during free consultation. We get acquainted with you and your business, we discuss ideas, problems, the market and risks. We advise on the subtleties of development and help to find the best solution. Contact us.

The address and telephone number

To get to know us, just call or write. If convenient, write to Whatsapp +7 924 222 07 07 or Telegram +7 924 222 07 07. We respond within a day.

Russia, 680030, Khabarovsk, 27 Gogolya st, 6th floor