Andrei Dymchenko
General director
More then 17 years of IT experience.
From 2010 to 2013 was the head of the Far Eastern branch of R-Style IT company. More than 30 people in submission.
Since 2013 general director and co-founder of White-Soft LLC.
Denis Tupichkin
Chief technology officer
More then 16 years of IT experience.
From 2004 to 2013 worked in the Japanese company ACCRETECH.
Since 2013 CTO and Co-Founder of White-Soft.
Software Development for Japanese Companies
We are obsessed with our work
Software development is our passion. Code, interfaces, design, databases - that is what we work every day with. We follow technologies and trends, we keep the course for the best solutions, constantly study and grow.
Strong team of professionals
Our team consist of 32 people, each of them is an expert in his craft. Programmers take awards in different competitions, projects are in the list of the best, and the most original solutions are patented. A cool team is both a reason for pride and a way to keep the bar high.
Develop and launch projects using agile-methods
Overblown deadlines harm business: the budget is growing, competitors are starting earlier and leading customers away. Therefore, we work on flexible methods. To launch projects quickly, we divide them into short iterations - from important to secondary. You control every step: make adjustments and prioritize. The result of the iteration is a useful product.
Each project has its own working group.
At least 5 people work on the project: a product manager, two designers and two developers. They all become part of your team. If someone is sick or burnout, we do a permutation. Thanks to this, we launch the project on time and in full version. Interchangeability and competence is our credo.